Sun's Eye Oils

SUN'S EYE FRAGRANCE OILS- fine herbal fragrances augmented with additions of essential oils, all with special meanings like love, success, or healing. These oils can change a candle to an aromatherapy candle by adding to melted wax. NOW $10.50 for 1/2 fl. oz bottle
Patchouli (love, money, fertility)
Coconut one left (purification, peace, intuition)
Cinnamon soldout
Peppermint soldout
Vanilla soldout
Lavender one left(healing, peace, love)
Gardenia soldout
Eucalyptus soldout
Amber soldout
Jasmine(spiritual love)
Lemon one left (love, friendship, purification)
Lilac soldout
Pine- soldout
Rose soldout
Sage two left
Sandalwood (protection, purification)
Violet soldout
Ylang Ylang soldout
SUN'S EYE HERBAL ESSENTIALS- Dried herbs added to these perfume oils for extra enhancement like patchouli leaf, lavender buds, and almond slices. Each bottle contains 1/2 oz. of perfume oil.
Patchouli Musk- 3 left- with patchouli leaf, earthy, sensuous and full bodied.
Vanilla Orange-soldout w
Spicy Musksoldout-
Almond Musk-soldout Almond Sandelo- 1 left- with sliced almond.
Honey Rose-1 left- with red rose petals. Tropical Jasmine-2 left- with orange blossom petals.
Coco Rose -soldout with red rose petals. Lavender Bouquet-soldout
Jasmine Rose- soldout Sold out-